Vital Nutrients w/o Iron is our core nutritional supplement– because it is without iron, anyone can take it. It contains the best and most bio-available forms of various vitamins and minerals. Vital Nutrients includes activated B vitamins, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E– many vitamins only contain the alpha tocopherols so this has the mix of tocopherols which gives us a more complete antioxidant spectrum). Vital Nutrients also contains chelated forms of minerals for optimal absorption and function. Keep in mind– 9 out of 10 Americans don’t get adequate micronutrients from their food. It’s not just our fault due to poor choices, we also have food mass production that often limits the nutrient quality of our food, storage issues with food sitting around too long, as well as just soil depletion. Many of our vegetables today grow in depleted soil so they don’t carry the same vitamin and nutrient content. This is an excellent core supplement for anyone to supplement their nutritional needs.


Lauren Loya MD

Medical Director, Proviva

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