ProPacks: Vital Nutrients (1 in AM)

$13.99 / month

1 in AM | A foundational vitamin and mineral formula WITH iron.

Vital Nutrients Plus is a foundational nutrition formula that includes several different formulas in one packet, taken up to twice-a-day. The first is the multivitamin Vital Nutrients which includes activated forms of various vitamins and chelated forms of minerals for optimal absorption. It also includes calcium; which is particularly useful for women, particularly after menopause, looking to assist bone density. The formula also contains our fish oil capsules Omega Pro, as well as an antioxidant capsule and a mineral formulation that’s very important for bone strength and development.

Lauren Loya MD

Medical Director, Proviva

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1 in AM

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ProPacks: Vital Nutrients (1 in AM)
$13.99 / month