Pharmaceutical Panel

Designed to help individuals understand how their genetics may lead to medication success or side effects around actionable medications as identified by the FDA.

Core Interactions:

Behavioral health




Pain management




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      Proviva’s Pharmacogenomic panel delivers actionable analyses and recommendations around 41 different drug classes and 37 genes, providing insight into practical ways to support your patient’s medication selection to minimize side effects and maximize efficacy.

      Clinically Validated

      Eliminates the need for trial and error by eliminating the need for generalized guidelines for drug choice and dosage and allowing individualization.



      After taking one of Proviva’s Genetic Tests you can choose to add any additional test without a new sample. Download your genetic reports directly from your Proviva portal.

      A Complete Snapshot


      Proviva’s Pharmacogenomics Testing offers an entire genetic report that utilizes machine learning algorithms to provide a comprehensive picture of genetic predispositions and common drug interactions.

      Personalize your medication regimen and decrease the risk of adverse drug reactions now or in the future.


      Comprehensive Reports


      Proviva’s Pharmacogenomics test generates a comprehensive report:

      Health Action Plan This 40 page interaction report contains your genetic reactivity to common pharmaceutical drugs broken down by body system.

      You can think of this report as a personalized literature review for you and future physicians. Knowing which medications you’re genetically predisposed to react to removes all the guesswork from any future prescription drugs and dosages in the future.

      View Sample Phamacogenetics Report Below

      VIEW Proviva Pharmacogenetics Report

      CorePharmaceutical Interactions

      Core Interactions

      Interactions Tested

      Behavioral Health




      Pain Management



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      Lauren Loya MD, Founder of The Hormone Center & Medical Director of Proviva Health

      How The Advanced Diagnostic Works

      STEP ONE
      STEP ONE

      Complete Your Blood Draw

      Walk-in to your local Labcorp or add on a booking with a phlebotomist to draw your blood at your home or office.

      STEP TWO
      STEP TWO

      Tell Us About Yourself

      Complete your basic information assessment so we can understand your current health and help you reach your goals.


      Get Your Results

      Approximately 10 business days after your blood draw, your results and Functional Health Plan will be available online.


      Take Action on Your Results

      Review your results and functional health recommendations and start your membership!

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