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The Leap Fitness Story

Leap was originally established in 2012 by a local family. On November 20th of 2015 Leap was re-established under new ownership and legal name Leap Fitness Center.

Josh Eller, 25 years old at the time, and originally of Plum Borough decided to risk it all on his first business venture. With the help of his family and friends, Josh was able to purchase the struggling fitness facility.

His idea was to keep the solid foundation (loyal local members) and rebuild. Josh went to Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP) were he studied Exercise Science.

He is now the head trainer, specializing in weight-loss. Now thriving Leap Fitness Center is here to stay in Lower Burrell PA!

Josh Eller

Founder, Leap Fitness Center

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In a Perfect World...


We’d all have access to and coverage for comprehensive blood, saliva, and vitamin deficiency testing.

Our healthcare providers would have advanced nutrition education and the time to spend with us to recommend lifestyle changes that may prevent disease and illness.

Our schedules would allow the work-life balance for preparing healthy, nutritious, and delicious meals that provide every nutrient we need.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Instead, though, we are…

Guessing what we need

Asking our friend, neighbor, cousin, etc.

Trying every fad diet and nutrition trend

Taking advice from uncredentialed influencers online

Falling for the quick-fix promises and bogus products from network marketing companies

Or, worst of all, ignoring the symptoms and just accepting it as normal!

When it comes to issues as simple as “why don’t I sleep well” or “how do I get more energy” there are multiple root causes and as many solutions.

So, what are you supposed to do?

Your next best step to get to the root cause is taking a “symptom” approach that can provide a glimpse into potential deficiencies.

Nutrition, movement, and positive lifestyle changes are the preferred remedy for many deficiencies and health challenges. But when it’s more complicated than that and a supplement is recommended by a qualified health provider, how do you choose the best possible product?

While some supplements are useful for everyone—You’re unique and you should only take supplements recommended by a physician or dietitian.


Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements vs. Food Grade



of supplements on the market are 'Food Grade'

All Proviva products are of pharmaceutical grade quality. To be Pharmaceutical Grade versus “food grade” products must achieve 99% purity from natural sources. Less than 3% of supplements are pharmaceutical grade. 

Supplements are not currently regulated by the FDA. However, pharmaceutical grade manufacturers voluntarily submit their processes to the FDA for stringent review.  Ingredients and processes are sourced “from the ground” up to “ingestion”. Pharmaceutical grade supplements are only made in FDA registered facilities that follow Certified Good Manufacturing Practices.

In fact, new for 2021 the facility where we manufacture our products also manufactures generic prescription products under the same roof. Using the same manufacturing processes for the nutraceuticals as the pharmaceuticals. 

To see real therapeutic benefits, the bloodstream must absorb nutrients. Absorption is greatly affected by the quality of supplements. Food grade supplements can contain questionable fillers and binders. Often food grade supplements found in drug and health food stores do not contain vitamins that are truly natural. Additionally the manufacturing processes cannot be verified to be of the highest quality. Many people can actually feel the difference between pharmaceutical grade supplements and those bought at chain stores. Bloodwork and biological marker testing tell the full story as well. Pharmaceutical grade products demonstrate the consistency and results that a physician looks for in patients.  

How can one know if their product is pharmaceutical grade versus food grade?  Discerning the difference can be difficult simply by looking at the bottle. One way to distinguish is by cost. Pharmaceutical grade supplements generally cost more due to the higher quality ingredients and more stringent manufacturing processes.  Additionally, consider the source from which you’re buying. A trusted medical professional is a good place to start.

Although pharmaceutical grade supplements may cost a little more, in the long run the difference may be minimal due to having to potentially having to take a lower “dosage” due to increased purity.  Bottom line, you may not need as many capsules of pharmaceutical grade supplements versus food grade to achieve the desired benefits.


That’s the Proviva difference!

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Option 2: Take a category specific quiz, choose one from the right.

Take the Full Personalized Product Match Quiz

Find your top four products based on your answers.

Adrenal Stress Quiz

Personalized product suggestions for adrenal function, which impacts stress response, sleep, energy, and more.

Athlete Quiz

Fuel your passion. Care for your body. Perform your best.

Peak Performance, Endurance, Muscle/Fat ratio and more.

Brain Function Quiz

Brain health, Memory, Focus.

It all starts here.

Body Composition Quiz

Stimulant-Free Body Compositionn Aids for Better Overall Health.

Proviva’s weight management formulas help address proteinn intake, stress adaptation, glucose metabolism, and the many other factors that are associated with inncreased body fat.

Detoxification Quiz

Staying healthy can be a challenge when the body is being bombarded by foreign chemicals in our food supply, medications, ad environment. By supporting detoxification pathways as well as helthy elimination with targeted nutrition, the body may be better able to neutralize reactive chemicals and rid itself of damaging molecules.

Energy Quiz

For years, Dr. Loya has dealt with the challenges of patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, who have difficulty producing energy at the most basic levels.

Proviva’s eenergy products take that knowledge and applies it where it’s most useful to everyone. These supplements are designed to target daily challenges like memory, brain function under stress, and daily energy levels.

Gut Health Quiz

Personalized product suggestions for adrenal function, which impacts stress response, sleep, energy, and more. These formulas were specifically designed to support the function and comfort of various gastrointestinal processes, such as healthy digestions, antioxidant activity, immune function, and healthy intestinal cell proliferation and gut barrier integrity. 

Also covered here are leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome.

Heart Health Quiz

From omega-3 fatty acids to coenzyme Q10 and L-Carnitine, research shows that many nutrients have beneficial impacts on parameters of cardiovascular function and health. We’ve searched for the purest and most easily absorbed forms of these nutrients for the best possible clinical outcomes.

Immunity Quiz

From allergies, to boosting your immune system daily, to fighting off a cold. Find it here.

Men's Health Quiz

Supplements to help meet the needs of the male human being. 

Also covered here, tow testosterone.

Probiotics Quiz

Supporting a Balanced Microflora and Intestinal Health


Supplementation with probiotics provides many health benefits, such as supporting nutrient absorption to preventing undesirable organisms from over-colonizing the intestines. Proviva’s probiotic line provides high-potency, well-researched strains with proven health benefits.

Sleep Quiz

Proper sleep and low stress are extremely important for supporting healthy brain function and maintaining physical health. These formulas can help support your body’s response to stress and encourage relaxation and restful sleep.

Women's Hormone Health Quiz

Supporting the Female Biochemistry Safely and Naturally

Women have different nutritional needs at different stages in life. To optimize health during these phases, from menarche to menopause ad onward, Proviva offers formulas that uniquely support the complex female biochemistry.



Price is not the primary factor in
the sourcing of raw materials for our products. 
In order to end up with the quality product that health professionals and their patients expect, raw materials are sourced based on their authenticity and efficacy as demonstrated in scientific literature.


During the manufacturing process, a variety of tests to verify the identity, strength, purity, composition, and absence of contaminants in any given component is used in production. We ensure completed formulas meet no less than 100% of the amount of all ingredients claimed on our labels.


A certificate of analysis (COA) documents our formulas’ quality. Every lot of every product will have a COA generated to document all of the testing performed on the product, the specifications each test is intended to comply with, and the actual results for each test.






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