Our immune supplement package has been formulated to work nicely with iVitality DRIP‘s iPrevent IV.

Immune Prime

Immune Prime is intended for daily or frequent use with the goal of priming the immune system to ward off potential illness before it occurs by strengthening the initial response system. When you talk about a healthy immune system, there are a variety of factors that affect our immune health, such as overall gut health, diet, and exercise. To go along with that there are a variety of things that help to bolster the immune system such as vitamin D, vitamin C and various herbs. iVitality’s supplement, Immune Prime, takes a very targeted approach by bolstering the front line defenses of your immune system. Immune Prime contains a whole glucan particle, with Beta-Glucan in it. Beta-Glucan helps to support the killer cells that instigate the initial immune response when an infectious agent or something foreign enters the body. This is a particularly great supplement to take if you’re someone who gets sick often. Immune Prime is built to be a supplement you can take on a daily basis to try to prevent illness. It primes your immune system to deal with those infectious agents right when they pop up, with the goal of keeping you from getting sick in the first place.

Immune Response

The second supplement in the package goes hand in hand with Immune Prime in that it too contains Beta-Glucan. However, Immune Response also contains vitamin C, and olive leaf extract. Immune Response is intended to be something you take when you feel yourself getting sick. It is intended to be used for a short period of time (typically 10-14 days) right as you feel yourself begin to spiral into being sick, or during an illness to boost your immune system to help you recover quicker. When used in conjunction with the iPrevent IV, it makes both of these powerful immune supplements even more effective. The goal is to protect yourself from illness, however sometimes it’s inevitable that we get sick, and it’s best to be prepared to shorten the length and/or intensity of the illness.