Weight Management  Panel

Designed to help individuals interested in maintaining a healthy weight by highlighting how they process different macronutrients, like fat, protein, and carbohydrates as well as identifying predispositions for obesity and eating behaviors.

Core Traits:

Sleep & Sleep Impairment

Dieting Success & Hunger

Exercise & Fat Loss

Metabolic Rate

Obesity Predisposition & Artificially Sweetened Beverages

Saturated Fat Response

Snacking & Sweet Tooth

Stress Response

Weight Loss & Low-Fat Diets

Weight Loss & Protein Diets


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      Terms and Conditions of Genetic Weight Management Panel

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      Proviva’s Genetic Weight Management Panel offers an analysis of 16 traits and 22 genes, providing insight into weight management, via dieting, protein and carb based diets, exercise and fat loss characteristics, snacking and hunger, stress response, sleep, and more. All based on your individual genetics.

      Clinically Validated

      Get genetic insights about your body’s genetic  predisposition to weight loss, metabolism, and food. Understand how dietary and lifestyle choices may affect your results in maintaining a healthy weight. Get recommendations backed by peer-reviewed data including supplements, diet, lifestyle, exercise, and further testing recommendations.



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      Genetic Weight Management Panel


      Proviva’s Genetic Weight Management Panel Includes the following

      • Key genetic insights. Discover aspects of your genetic predisposition to obesity and high body mass index (BMI), and learn what this means for your health.
      • Research-backed recommendations. Don’t guess which diet is best for you. Learn which foods may be best for your body, based on the latest scientific research.
      • Unique reports. See how exercise can impact your ability to shed body fat.
      • Customized evaluations. Get insight into eating behaviors and learn what this means for your health and exercise regimen.

      Comprehensive Reports & Health Action Plan


      Proviva’s Genetic Hormone Panel generates two comprehensive reports: a Health Action Plan and Detailed Appendix.

      Health Action Plan This 20 page report determines your highest impact genetic weight management traits, specific dietary, exercise, and sleep recommendations, supplements based on genome, lifestyle suggestions, exercise recommendations, and more.

      You can think of this report as a personalized literature review for you and future physicians. Knowing how your body is genetically predisposed to weight management, nutrient optimization, and exercise response and improvement.

      View Sample Genetic Weight Management Panel Report Below

      VIEW Proviva Genetic Weight Management Report

      CoreWeight Management Traits

      Baseline Weight Management Traits

      Traits Tested

      Blue Light Sensitivity & Sleep Impairment

      Dieting Success

      Exercise & Fat Loss


      Metabolic Rate

      Obesity & Artificially Sweetened Beverages

      Obesity Predisposition

      Saturated Fat Response


      Stress Response

      Sweet Tooth

      Weight Loss & Low-Fat Diets

      Weight Loss & Protein Diets

      Yo-Yo Dieting

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      Measuring your biomarkers over time is essential to maintaining longevity and can identify future problems before they arise.

      Lauren Loya MD, Founder of The Hormone Center & Medical Director of Proviva Health

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