Health Baseline

Designed for someone new to genetic testing who is interested in a little bit of everything: workout suggestions, nutritional deficiencies, type of sleep, exercise injury susceptibility and ability to metabolize alcohol and caffeine.

Core Traits:


Blue Light Sensitivity

Caffeine Metabolism & Caffeine Anxiety

Exercise & Fat Loss

Heart Health

Injury Risk – Disc Degeneration

Lactose Intolerance

Exercise Motivation & Muscle Fiber Type

Saturated Fat Response

Sleep Impairment

Stress Response


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      Terms and Conditions of Genetic Health Baseline Panel

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      Proviva’s Genetic Health Baseline Panel  offers an analysis of 21 traits and 36 genes, providing insight into optimal weight management, nutrition, exercise strategies, diet, lifestyle, stress and more based on your individual genetics.

      Clinically Validated

      Get genetic insights about your body’s aging, blue light sensitivity & sleep, caffeine and related anxiety, alcohol metabolism, exercise and fat loss, heart health, disk degeneration injury risk, lactose intolerance, exercise and muscle fiber type, saturated fat response, stress response and more, backed by peer-reviewed data and recommendations including supplements, diet, lifestyle, exercise, and further testing recommendations.



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      Genetic Health Baseline


      Proviva’s Genetic Health Baseline Panel Includes the following

      • Key genetic insights: Discover genetic predispositions to factors that can impact weight management, nutritional optimization, and exercise performance.
      • Research-backed recommendations: Gain insight into which exercises, diet style, and nutrition factors may be best for your body, based on scientific research.
      • Unique reports: See how exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle factors can impact your ability to experience optimal health.
      • Customized evaluations: Get a deeper understanding of the sleeping and eating patterns that may be best for you.
      • Science-based analysis: Gather insightful information to empower yourself to shed body fat, feel more alert throughout the day, experience improved sleep, and understand which exercise and diet may be most beneficial.

      Comprehensive Reports & Health Action Plan


      Proviva’s Genetic Health Baseline Panel generates two comprehensive reports: a Health Action Plan and Detailed Appendix.

      Health Action Plan This 33 page report determines your highest impact genetic traits, specific dietary recommendations, supplements based on genome, lifestyle suggestions, exercise recommendations, and more.

      You can think of this report as a personalized literature review for you and future physicians. Knowing how your body is genetically predisposed to weight management, nutrient optimization, and exercise response and improvement.

      View Sample Genetic Detox Report Below

      VIEW Proviva Genetic Health Baseline Report

      CoreBaseline Health Traits

      Baseline Health Traits

      Traits Tested


      Blue Light Sensitivity

      Caffeine Metabolism

      Caffeine-Related Anxiety


      Exercise & Fat Loss


      Heart Health

      Injury Risk – Disc Degeneration


      Lactose Intolerance

      Motivation to Exercise

      Muscle Fiber Type

      Obesity Predisposition

      Saturated Fat Response

      Sleep Impairment

      Stress Response

      Vitamin B12

      Vitamin D3

      Yo-Yo Dieting

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      Lauren Loya MD, Founder of The Hormone Center & Medical Director of Proviva Health

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