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Product Match Quizzes

Adrenal Stress Quiz

Whether you’re facing acute stress, chronic tension, or low energy, Adrenal Support formulas can help. Formulas in our Adrenal Support category utilize herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and other nutritional factors that are known to promote healthy adrenal function and support the body when it is under stress.

Athlete Quiz

Fuel your passion. Care for your body. Perform your best.

Covering areas from workout, body composition, inflammation, joint support, muscle recovery, to energy production.

Body Composition Quiz

Achieving and maintaining an ideal body composition can be challenging. The right nutritional support can make a world of difference to a successful program. Proviva’s weight management formulas help address protein intake, stress adaptation, glucose metabolism, and the many other factors that are associated with increased body fat.

Brain Function Quiz

Brain health, Memory, Focus. It all starts here.

Detoxification Quiz

Staying healthy can be a challenge when the body is being bombarded by foreign chemicals in our food supply, medications, and environment. By supporting detoxification pathways as well as healthy elimination with targeted nutrition, the body may be better able to neutralize reactive chemicals and rid itself of damaging molecules.

Energy Quiz

Designed to be more useful than your typical energy supplements, the focus is at the cellular level. For years, our medical director  Lauren Loya MD has dealt with the challenges of patients with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue, who have difficulty producing energy at the most basic levels.

Gut Health Quiz

These formulas were specifically designed to support the function and comfort of various gastrointestinal processes, such as healthy digestion, antioxidant activity, immune function, and healthy intestinal cell proliferation and gut barrier integrity.

Also covered here are leaky gut and irritable bowel syndrome

Heart Health Quiz

Heart Health and Circulatory Support

Immunity Quiz

From allergies, to boosting your immune system daily, to fighting off a cold. Find it here.

Men's Health Quiz

Supplements to help meet the needs of the male human being.

Also covered, low T.

Probiotics Quiz

Supporting a Balanced Microflora and Intestinal Health

 Supplementation with probiotics provides many health benefits, such as supporting nutrient absorption to preventing undesirable organisms from over-colonizing the intestines. Proviva’s probiotic line provides high-potency, well-researched strains with proven health benefits.

Sleep Quiz

Proper sleep and low stress are extremely important for supporting healthy brain function and maintaining physical health. These formulas can help support your body’s response to stress and encourage relaxation and restful sleep.

Women's Hormone Quiz

Supporting the Female Biochemistry Safely and Naturally

 Women have different nutritional needs at different stages in life. To optimize health during these phases, from menarche to menopause and onward, Proviva offers formulas that uniquely support the complex female biochemistry.

Learn About Formulas & More

Liver Defense: Potent Antioxidant Formula for Healthy Liver Tissue.

Liver Defense contains three potent antioxidants that help keep liver tissue healthy. Our liver is one of the main detoxifying organs in our body,...

Vital Carnitine: A Critical Amino Acid for Robust Muscle Health.

Vital Carnitine contains acetyl-l-carnitine, which is a critical amino acid for robust muscle health. That includes not just our skeletal muscle...

Vital Pro Shake: Complete Multivitamin, Mineral Protein Shake, Vegan, Dairy Free.

Vital Pro Shake is a great protein enhancing drink. It contains 15 grams of protein from pea and rice protein– so it’s well-suited for vegans and is...

Calcium D-Glucarate: Eliminate Excess Hormones, Don’t Reabsorb.

Calcium D-Glucarate is a supplement that blocks or inhibits the activity of an enzyme in the gut called beta-glucuronidase. By doing this, it helps...

Zinc Glycinate: Important for Thyroid Conversion, Testosterone Metabolism, and Immune Function.

Zinc Glycinate is simply the nutrient zinc, which is important in several different functions in the body. In thyroid conversion, from the hormone...

Factors and Effects on Osteopenia and Osteoporosis by Lauren Loya MD

(TRANSCRIPT FROM VIDEO) Earlier today, I got a message from a patient that she had received her bone density results from her primary care doctor,...

Glutathione Pro: The Most Potent Detoxification and Antioxidant Chemical in Our Bodies.

Glutathione Pro contains S Acetyl-Glutathione. Glutathione is the most potent detox and antioxidant chemical in our bodies, and it helps to...

Probio Essential Family: Probiotics 30 Billion, 100 Billion, and Lean for Muscle Mass and Body Fat Reduction.

The Probio Essential family of probiotics has several different options depending on your probiotic needs. Probio Essential Daily is a 30 billion...

Radiance: Combination Biotin, Choline, Orthosilicic Acid for Healthy Collagen.

Radiance is a combination product that is a great anti-aging inside and out formulation. It combines biotin, choline, and orthosilicic acid, which...

Vital Fiber: Prebiotic Fiber Promotes Satiety, Stabilizes Blood Sugar and Cholesterol, and Healthy Gut.

Vital Fiber is a fiber supplement that contains Purple Manon, which is a soluble fiber that helps in several functions of the body. First, it helps...
  • Proviva is a wellness based company I would recommend to anyone. Prior to using Proviva’s Probiotic Lean , I saw little to no results from a daily drug store probiotic.... read more

    thumb Jenneta Lee

    Proviva’s adrenal support has been life changing! My energy level stays balanced all day, sleep is regulated and this overall sense of calmness has been such a wonderful surprise. I... read more

    thumb jennifer pfeffer

    This is a game changer when it comes to sleep!!

    thumb Connie Stauber

    My experience with Proviva has been nothing short of stellar. I like that that supplements are pharmaceutical grade and they are great quality. They ship quickly and the website is... read more

    thumb Amy H
  • I have had nothing but wonderful experiences w/ Proviva. My patients always comment on how fast shipping is and how wonderfully they're treated by customer service! Thanks Proviva!!

    thumb Kelsey Zadrozny

    My bloodwork results have improved greatly since I started taking Proviva supplements. I highly recommend! Take control of your health with supplements rather than just relying on medicines that sometimes... read more

    thumb Rebecca Killian


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